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As young kids Jeff and Tony Stanfield grew up in Wichita Falls Tx and was blessed to have a father who loved hunting and spending time with his sons. Ron Stanfield was a fireman in Wichita Falls for 23 years and every third day he was off, and during duck season he would take Jeff and Tony duck hunting.

Wichita Falls is located an hour and a half from the Knox City area and on occasion he would travel with friends to this area and include the boys. Knox and Haskell Counties was a hidden treasure in the waterfowl world. This small area wintered hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese, and in the late 1980’s a knock on a door and a friendly hand shake would get you permission to hunt almost anywhere. That all changed in the early 1990’s as the secret about this area was out and the crowds from the cities begin to lease the waterfowl hunting.

Now in college Jeff and Tony had fewer and fewer places to hunt. They both decided in January of 1993 that if they wanted to continue hunting in this area they would have to start leasing land, which was impossible for 2 broke college kids. They decided to start a hunting guide service, and they ran an ad in The Dallas Morning News. They made cash arrangements with the local peanut farmers for hunting rights. Leased an old farm house which they turned into a bunk house for their hunters and eventually built The Big Honker Lodge.

Now 30 years later, Stanfield Hunting Outfitters is one of the premier hunting services and lodges in the country.


Knox City, Texas. is located 3 hours west of D/FW, 1 hour north of Abilene, 1 1/2 hours south west of Wichita Falls, and 2 hours east of Lubbock.

The Big Honker Lodge. From Knox City go 3 miles west on 222. take a left on 2279 go 6 miles. On the right side of the road you will see our sign. The lodge sits about 1/4 of a mile off of the road. The only street light on 2279 is at our driveway. Call for more details or special group rates. Located in Knox, Haskell, and King Counties of north central Texas. Stanfield Outfitters is family owned and operated, offering you the utmost in customer service, and world Class guided goose hunting, hog hunting, pheasant hunting, dove hunting, duck hunting, deer hunting and turkey hunting.

Our Mission is to be the premier outfitter in the southwest, by offering high quality, value based hunting and lodging products, and by having the best people trained and empowered to deliver excellent service to each customer, each time.....


Stanfield Hunting Outfitters